Mini flowered floating wreath

Mini flowered floating wreath
Floating wreath adorned with various small flowers made on a special base, available in assorted colors. The color arrangement may differ from the one shown in the photo; for special requests, please contact our staff using the provided contact information.
The floating wreath can serve as a perfect symbol of remembrance during a ceremony held by the waterside, as it floats on the water's surface instead of sinking like other wreaths.

The uniqueness of the floating wreath is that everything in it is fully biodegradable. Due to the environmentally friendly nature of the wreath, ribbons cannot be added upon request to maintain its eco-friendliness.

The floating wreath has an approximate diameter of 35-40 cm.

Available for free delivery in Budapest!
27 800 Ft
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Question about the product
The products shown in the photos may differ from reality. Considering that they are made from live flowers and no two flowers are exactly the same, plus the fact that we use freshly arrived flowers daily, there might be some variation.

If any component is out of stock, we reserve the right to use substitute products.

In all cases, we strive to create an order that closely resembles the colors and style seen in the photo.

If we can only fulfill the order with significant changes, we will always consult with the customer after the order has been placed.