Fully covered hearth wreath

Fully covered hearth wreath
Fully covered hearth wreath
Fully covered hearth wreath
Fully covered hearth wreath
For deliveries to the cemetery, on-site cash payment is only possible upon prior arrangement.

Heart-shaped wreath made from mixed flowers, completely covered with beautiful blossoms, with no hole in the center as is usual with wreaths. This design creates a full, rich wreath that is exclusively adorned by stunning flowers.
The heart-shaped wreath is available in multiple sizes, please select the size from the dropdown menu:

M: 35-40 cm wide
L: 45-50 cm wide

The color of the flowers is customizable, please choose it from the dropdown menu.
It's important to note that the flowers in the chosen color are of different varieties, and as a result, their shades may not match 100%. Therefore, you can only choose a shade, and the overall appearance will be whitish, reddish, or another shade.
If you don't choose a specific color, we will create the wreath from the flowers currently in stock.

The price of the wreath includes the ribbon with the specified message. When placing the order, please include the message you would like to have on the ribbon in the comments section.

For deliveries to the funeral:

Please provide the cemetery address for the delivery address.
Please provide the name of the deceased for the delivery name.
Please provide the start time of the funeral for the delivery time.
If the order is for a funeral, we will deliver the ordered flowers approximately 30-45 minutes before the start of the funeral.

Available for free delivery in Budapest!
34 600 Ft
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Question about the product
In all cases, let's strive to keep the text written on the ribbon not overly long, as not everything can fit on it. It's important to note that in the case of listing the names of the departing individuals, too many names won't fit on the ribbon.
We have compiled the most common farewell messages that will surely fit on the ribbon:

Farewell with sadness
Farewell with deep sorrow
We will never forget
We will preserve your memory
We will preserve your memory in our hearts
We will preserve your memory in our hearts forever
Farewell with sincere condolences
Farewell with a heavy heart
With last regards
Rest in peace
Farewell with deep sympathy
Departing with heartfelt sympathy

The products shown in the photos may differ from reality. Considering that they are made from live flowers and no two flowers are exactly the same, plus the fact that we use freshly arrived flowers daily, there might be some variation.

If any component is out of stock, we reserve the right to use substitute products.

In all cases, we strive to create an order that closely resembles the colors and style seen in the photo.

If we can only fulfill the order with significant changes, we will always consult with the customer after the order has been placed.